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Giving Back

       We believe in giving back. We have a few causes that are near and dear to our hearts at 

       Whenever you purchase something from we'll donate a portion of the profits to a charity/organization of your choice!

ChadTough Foundation

       ChadTough foundation was founded by the family of Chad Carr. Grandson to famed UofM Coach Lloyd Carr. The hashtag #chadtough and a facebook page titled Pray for Chad Carr (now The ChadTough Foundation) was coined by a family friend to show support, and quickly blew up across national news and social media. and operates on one mission. They raise money for a children's cancer with a near 100% mortality rate. DIPG is a very deadly cancer that infects the brain stem, typically in children under 12yrs old, but there are occasional cases in older kids/teens. There is little to no funding for research into treatments and/or curing this disease.

       This terrible disease worked its way into our lives through the daughter(Emma) of a good friend and co-worker. Emma's father found the foundation and  what they were doing, and quickly decided he had to get involved. This was not only for his daughter, but for all the other children who developed this little known illness with no course of treatment, and little to no hope of surviving. We couldn't do much to help Emma when we had the chance, but we can give back in her name in hopes that we'll be able to give another child a fighting chance!

       Follow the link below to learn more or donate to the ChadTough Foundation

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